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The alma mater of JPED Academy is a private boarding school and a member of NAIS (National Alliance of Independent Schools). Only 1800 schools worldwide are members of the alliance. JPED Academy is the most recognized first-class high-quality high school in the world. Students of JPED Academy China are recognized as students of JPED Academy US upon registration. It is very advantageous for an American high school graduate to apply for an American college. The trend that top American universities prefer to recruit Chinese students from American high school in recent years is very obvious. 

JPED Academy adopts all-English teaching all by foreign teachers. Students have advantages in English competence and adaptability to American classes and can easily cope with TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and other standardized tests. At the same time, the school adopts the world's leading project-based learning (PBL) as its teaching approach, focusing on the cultivation of students' leadership, team cooperation, lifelong learning and other necessary qualities of talents in the 21st century, which are all the "soft power" needed to apply for the top universities in the United States.